As regards the organisation of such services, there are different regulatory systems across Member States for granting licences to operators where these are required, such services being banned in some jurisdictions.The number of people with severe gambling problems is. Nearly a million addicted to gambling. the average figure for problem gambling around Europe.

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Types of fraud can include players not receiving their winnings from unlicensed illegal operators, unauthorised use of credit cards or tampering with software to manipulate the outcome of a game or event.The consultation seeks to evaluate current enforcement systems and gather factual information about blocking systems such as payment blocking, internet protocol blocking or domain name filtering, used in some Member States to restrict unauthorised offers.Download all the latest market reports you need on the Gambling Industry in Europe. Click here to instantly access all the reports, in one place.

Europe Facts. Founded: August 28, 1907, in Seattle, USA. Establish in Europe: 1976, Germany. World Headquarters: Atlanta, USA. Europe Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium.

Global gaming market will reach an estimated value worth USD 117.9 billion by the year 2015. For this to happen, this industry will have to observe a year on year.

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Citizens search across borders for competing on-line gambling services and currently they may not be sufficiently protected against the risks associated with these illegal offers, among which fraud.

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MEPs call on Turkey to lift state of emergency, denounce arrests.

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Does Skill Work? Randomness, independence of events and house advantage are important concepts in gambling that you should, by now, be familiar with. There are.Updated annually, the Directory of State and Local Lawyer Assistance Programs is a guide to state and local bar association lawyer assistance programs which address.

These can be on-line banners and pop-ups on non-gambling sites, sales promotions (e.g. discounts through premium offers or free gifts), direct marketing and sponsorship agreements, as well as advertising (TV or printed press).The payment services used can be credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, pre-paid cards or cash transfers.

EU approval of six electricity capacity mechanisms to ensure security of supply.The Commission is also consulting on the possible existence of a principle of return to event organisers and on on-line gambling revenues from sports betting being directed back into sports at national level. 4. Enforcement There are different types of structures for regulation and supervision of on-line gambling in the Member States.Today on-line gambling services are widely offered and used in the EU and the economic significance of the sector is growing rapidly.Facts & Stats Children's Gambling Facts And Stats. Home; Previous Page;. Statistics provided by NCPG show that youth have higher rates of not just gambling.

Quick Links. Government response to the Review of Illegal Offshore Wagering; Resources and support services; The facts about gambling; Recovery Stories.Gaming Industry Statistics, Trends and Analysis A detailed infographic report breaking down the gaming industry statistics. The analysis overview covers future trends.Few Member States to date provide nationwide statistics on the extent to which such problems are associated with on-line gambling.Mention gambling and glitzy images of Las Vegas come to mind. But you'll be surprised to know Americans are not the world's biggest gamblers. In fact, the world’s.

This is an infographic depicting the difference in gambling behavioural habits adopted by men and women online. It shows facts explaining how long each gen.

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In 2008 it was estimated that out of almost 15,000 active gambling sites in Europe, more than 85% operated without a license of any sort.Member States use a number of instruments to try to limit these problems associated with on-line gambling services, which generally mirror those used for off-line gambling.This does not concern cases where winnings are withheld due to the licensed operator carrying out additional customer identification controls although the operator should explain the delay in such cases.

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Figures available for 2008 indicate that on-line gambling services accounted for annual revenues in excess of EUR 6 billion, representing 7.5% of the overall EU gambling market.Membership. Eligibility – GREF is open to any authority that licenses, supervises or legislates any aspect of gambling in any European country, state, dependent.

The cross-border nature of on-line gambling implies that public authorities are facing challenges in enforcing their respective rules.the Global Gaming Outlook, carries on the tradition of adding to industry. (Europe, Middle East, Africa), and of 2.9 percent in Canada. Revenues in the.The advent of the internet and the growth in on-line gambling opportunities are posing regulatory challenges as these forms of gambling services can operate across borders and national regulatory frameworks differ significantly between Member States.

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Singapore – Gross Gaming Revenue Analysis. May 26, 2015 9:30 am. Denmark is among the European countries which recently enforced a new set of law.

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The primary aim of the Green Paper consultation, launched today, is therefore to obtain a facts-based picture of the existing situation in the EU on-line gambling market and of the different national regulatory models.It is the fastest growing segment of the gambling market (1) and in 2008 was expected to double in size by 2013.It also seeks information methods used to detect and prevent money laundering and the operational practices used to fight this problem, such as customer due diligence, payment controls and operational controls.The 2015 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry was released by the Entertainment Software Association. but it is a new kind of gaming.